Hate is the Absence of Love

Get to know your so-called “enemies” and it might help you to better know your self.

Todd Daniel
4 min readAug 3, 2020

As I look around at many people, one thing I’m thankful for is that I am not a prisoner of hate. Hate is the absence of love. People often package their hate as “righteous indignation” or “hate the sin, not the sinner” crap, but the fact is that hate is hate.

These days most American hate tends to focus on Muslims, gays, and immigrants. In the 70’s and 80’s the hate appeared more directed at African-Americans and commies.

The worst part about hate is that often people don’t even realize they are hateful. They somehow justify it through their religion or don’t even think about it.

Before you stereotype and hate on an entire group of people, allow me to share a few thoughts:

  • Don’t trust the garbage you hear from your radio or TV talk host. Take the time to find out facts for yourself.
  • Find a member in your “hate group” and get to know them. You might find that they are good people like yourself, with feelings, needs, and dreams, just like you.
  • Do not stereotype because every time you do the next person you meet will defy that stereotype. Humans are complex creatures and do not line up by race, creed, or any other attribute. People are beautifully unique.
  • Everyone deserves RESPECT.

Of particular concern is all the Muslim and gay bashing I’ve been seeing and hearing lately. It is disgusting, especially since it is often done by members of the faith community. Allow me to say a few words about these two groups:

  • Get to know a Muslim. Befriend them. Listen to their viewpoint. I’ve done this a few times and although I am still a long way from “walking in their shoes” I do have a better understanding of their perspective.
  • The vast majority of Muslims are good, kind people, just like you and me. Give them RESPECT.
  • Before making judgmental comments, befriend members of the gay community. I am deeply grateful for my gay friends. Had I been a bigoted and pious ass I’d only be cheating myself from meeting some of the best people I’ve ever met. Oh, and if someone calls me “gay,” I don’t take that as an insult as all, although I’m quite straight. So, you’d better come up with something crappier to call me, like, “socialist.” Oh, but I don’t take offense to that either.
  • Don’t be swayed by all the cleverly disguised hate talk you hear in the media, and even from the pulpit. Get to know the gay community and give them RESPECT.

What’s most disturbing is how people will go to extremes to bend facts to force them into their religious views. Perhaps the greatest example of this is that “homosexuality is a choice.” Of course, this myth must be perpetuated because if it is NOT a choice, how can it be a sin?

Scientists are now closing in on the “choice” fallacy, despite the best efforts of the conservative bullies to breed confusion on the topic.

There is no “gay gene,” but the answer is found in the study of epigenetics. This field is the study of chemical switches that turn parts of the genome on and off at various times during an organism’s life. Epigenetics, genetic overlays, and tags are something that I’ve just started reading about recently and I find it all fascinating.

So, OF COURSE people do not control their sexual preference. They have NO control over who or what they like, just like I can’t control being bald or left-handed. So, if the electric switches in someone’s DNA is a little different WHY DO WE HAVE TO KEEP THEM FROM GETTING MARRIED? Despite whatever crap Vladimir Putin or whoever says, the fact is that sometimes the little switches make people bisexual or homosexual.

Challenge yourself to embed into groups that are different from yourself. Keep an open mind and listen to other viewpoints. The other person will appreciate being heard and you will gain new insights and perspectives. Hang out with Wiccans, Buddhists, Sikhs, Republicans, New Agers, disenfranchised teens, and punk rockers. It’s the diversity of humanity that creates a strong fiber that makes us all strong. Ask questions, engage in dialogue, and, most importantly, LISTEN. And listen a lot.

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Originally published in my personal blog, We Live on a Planet, January 19, 2014.



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